Orientation Day! The journey begins!

Every 1st and 15th of the month is a starting date for new volunteers and Networks for Voluntary Services hosts Volunteer Orientation as part of responsible volunteering. At orientation, new volunteers learn all about the country and culture as well as their type of volunteer work and placement. Some volunteers choose education where they will be teaching various subjects (general) or specialize in sports, music or special education needs. Others choose women’s empowerment and education projects where they will work with women in the community on gender equality issues, women’s general health and family (including HIV education), and skill building that leads them to self sufficiency. The other work that our volunteers can choose is child care/rescue center work which is carefully selected by our Board of Directors in the community.


Orientation also gives our volunteers something else…. time to make new friends that become their friends for life! Think about it……. people have come from all over the world to volunteer and our volunteers are sharing that experience together. Once their time is completed and they return home, so many of the volunteers remain connected together from this experience and often visit one another in their home countries. We have seen time and time again where volunteers are hopping another flight to go visit one of the new friends they made while here in Kenya.

COOK OUT1We find it important to stay connected. To help with that, some of our NVS team will be returning to the USA later this year and hosting a Volunteer Reunion cook out in North Carolina! We would love to see you there so stay tuned for more details soon! You will have the chance to meet even more volunteers and make more friends that shared some of the same experiences!



Our team at Networks for Voluntary Services appreciates every one of you for coming to make a difference in our communities in Kenya. We look forward to seeing you again!