So many options!

Networks for Voluntary Services has been facilitating volunteers since 2003 and has partnerships in Nairobi and the surrounding towns, Naivasha, Nakuru, and Mombassa.  We have two to share with you, one in Kibera (Nairobi) and the other in Naivasha.

K.A G. Olympic Primary school in Kibera is one of the education placement partners to NVS since 2010.  We chatted with Ayub recently, who is the Director, and he shared a bit more of the school’s history with us! “K.A.G Olympic has been around since 1997. It started as a feeding program which later changed to an education center. The school enjoys free music lessons, support in academic lessons and also sports like soccer and basketball classes from the volunteers of Networks for Voluntary Services that come to the school,” says Ayub.

19400683_10154486676937187_5482640975161469432_oAyub also notes that “This has greatly imparted skills in our kids with knowledge in musical instruments and vocals. Some volunteers have also been able to sponsor our students with the school fee and other supplies, we are forever grateful for the program with NVS.”


16003118_10207740460740280_5967987753098821852_nOver the last 8 years, many volunteers have been to KAG Olympic, like Janelle. Janelle is very talented in not only singing, but also playing instruments and the kids loved having her there. In addition to the music and singing lessons she provides, she and her parents sponsor two of her students.

38435765_297351144151664_417533059542286336_nAnother volunteer Ivanna, just left Kenya a few weeks ago and was placed here at KAG Olympic. Ivanna says her “favorite part about volunteering at my placement was the amazing people I got to meet! The students (and staff there) made me feel right at home and so loved. Each student and staff member I met had an impact on me and I will always remember them for that.”

Another placement that we partner with is Kitendo Children’s Charity (KCC) in Naivasha. Our partnership with them has been since 2009. The education program started back in 2009 when a volunteer named Marcus came to Kenya. Over the next several years, he helped to build the school to be what we know it as today…. they serve about 200 kids from the local community in getting their kindergarten development started. There is more though… medical camps have been established and there is more construction planned! Within KCC, there is a women’s empowerment project taking place so volunteers that are placed with KCC get the best of both worlds with education opportunities and women’s empowerment activities.

9472_10152932759701457_6621840000003137016_nPreviously, we asked Marcus how it all started…… “When I was in my late twenties, I travelled to East Africa to volunteer in Kenya to see what I could learn from a new culture and in exchange, offer my skills, time and resources. In this time, I co-founded an NGO to benefit vulnerable at-risk children and youth in Kenya, who live in an informal settlement. Living and volunteering in the country for seven years, I invested my time and resources to the start-up phase of Kitendo Children’s Charity Programme. The years and resources I invested were productive.” Today, Mamma Catherine manages all aspects of the programme and also works with the volunteers that come to KCC. Something else unique about Mamma Catherine is that she is the founder of the Women’s Empowerment within KCC and she continues to lead it today!

There are so many opportunities to make a difference in the communities of Kenya and we have many more placements to keep sharing with you! Stay tuned!