Seven projects in 2 weeks!

67160274_366994667338032_5278308339116146688_nWe have been so thankful to have Kyriacos (Kyri) to come volunteer in Kenya with us for two weeks! So many lives have been touched and even changed. Originally, he is from Cyprus where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Oceanography from the University of Aegean, later moving to The Netherlands where he has been for the last 7 years. While in The Netherlands, he worked hard to earn his Masters degree in Climate Physics from Utrecht University. Once in Nairobi, Kenya, Kyriacos wasted no time! With seven projects planned, the work with fundraising and completing project tasks started immediately! The projects included the following:

  • Build a library room
  • School Supply collection
  • Build Blackboard walls
  • Provide a clean drinking water source
  • Providing new glasses for a student and other medical care needs
  • Installed electricity at the school
  • And…. the next semesters tuition fees (school fees) have been paid!


There was a lot to do and time was limited since Kyriacos is only here in Kenya for a certain amount of time.  All of these projects have led to long term solutions and most importantly, 94 people have access to clean water! This cuts down on sick-absences from school and overall helps the community to stay healthier! For the school, book cases were built, a large reading table too and then chairs added! This provides a safe and clean space for the children to enjoy each day, getting them even more excited about reading and learning.

The school supplies were not just items the kids personally needed, but items that the school would be able to use to continue operations at a level that well served their students. Previously, the students were sharing texts and other supplies and this project resulted in 100 new textbooks, additional teacher edition books, 200 exercise books for the classes, a school bell for the school to use to help keep time and the students on track, and then of course individual supply needs like pencils, erasers, chalk, etc. 90 children and 4 teachers have a fresh perspective and start for the next term thanks to Kyriacos and the supporters that helped to make it happen!


There is more!! Kyri formed a great relationship with one of the students, Maxwell! Maxwell lost vision in one of his eyes about two years ago from an accident. Even though this was the situation, Kyri still took him to an eye clinic for an assessment and it was determined the damage was unfortunately permanent. Maxwell did have a pair of glasses to help with his vision in his other eye, however, they were severely scratched. From the monies raised, Maxwell now has a new pair of glasses and he sends his thanks to all! He says “I can finally see the blackboard and even play soccer now!”


This was a great deal of work for only two weeks of time, but Kyri used every moment in Kenya to serve the community! We are thankful for your work in the communitiy and school in Bamburi- Mombasa!

We did ask Kyri to share something he has learned from this volunteer experience and he says “even the smallest can make a difference. All we need is to have the will to have an impact and the faith to carry it out!”

We look forward to having Kyri to return to Kenya to check in on the progress the school and children will continue to make. If you are interested in volunteering in Kenya just like Kyri did, please contact us for more information. Visit and click on Volunteer!