Meet our Team

Networks for Voluntary Services has an awesome team! Don’t just meet us here online, come to Kenya, volunteer with us, and…. meet us at the Orientation we offer as part of responsible volunteering!


Joe Gichuki is our Founder and Director of Networks for Voluntary Services (N.V.S Kenya). Joe has a heart for working in and empowering his local communities. Once a volunteer himself in Kenya, he saw first hand the positive impact it can have and hopes that your experience is just as wonderful.




JAMESJames Omambia is part of our Volunteer Welfare team. He assists to facilitate the orientation session and helps prepare volunteers for their experiences. James also spends time personally following up and visiting with the volunteers at their placement site to see how it is going and address any needs that arise.  James graduated with his Bachelors degree from the University of Nairobi in Social Work and Community Development.


MOSESMoses Mwesh is also part of our Volunteer Welfare Team and our Assistant Transportation Manager. He supports volunteers through their Orientation session and helps them transition to their placement to volunteer. In addition to visiting volunteers at their assignments to check in, he also manages the transportation duties by calendaring airport pick ups for every volunteer that joins us (to date, that has been how many?!) Great job Moses! Moses also sings and is very active in his church. He leads worship at Cornerstone Christian Church in Nairobi. You will get to hear him sing at orientation, don’t worry!


BONIFACEBoniface Muganzi is our Finance Director. Boniface manages all of the volunteer fees associated with volunteering. You might be asking why there are fees to volunteer which is definitely fair to ask! We want to share why….. These volunteer “fees” cover your accommodation and three meals a day while you are here with us. Registration covers the airport pick up (we have to pay the driver, put gas in the van, pay parking tolls to/from the airport) and materials/meal/venue for orientation.  It also allows us to buy items of need for placements from time to time. These fees are vital in allowing this program to operate as it does and our communities appreciate you coming!


Cleo Kioko is our Program Placement Manager. He works with the local communities to determine a need for volunteers whether it be in a community or government school, child care center, special needs program, music and sports projects (component of the education programs) or the women’s empowerment. Cleo spends his time in the communities building relationships to discover the real needs so volunteers can be appropriately placed to have a true impact. Cleo also  evaluates host families that want to be part of our program.



JOHNJohn Ndungu is our one of our program placement managers. He also works with the local communities to determine a need for volunteers. He spends his time in our communities conducting evaluations of programs and need so our volunteers can be properly assigned and experience the impact!





Bernadette is our Office Manager. She receives and manages all of our e mail, telephone calls, and sign up forms.  She also reaches out to volunteers before they arrive in Kenya to prepare them for their journey and answer all of their questions. She stays busy matching volunteers to placements and working with volunteers through any initial culture shock or adjustment concerns they may encounter being in a foreign country the first time. You will get to meet Bernadette at the orientation so you will finally have a face with the name behind all of the pre-departure communications!




21273364_2251315334894004_3297874534318564988_oJennifer Wiley is part of our family now. Seven years ago, she volunteered in Kenya for the first time and can no longer count on both hands the number of times she has been here! One day, it will be a one way ticket, but for now, she returns to volunteer in our organization and serve the communities with us. Much of her work is within education or women’s empowerment.  She is also one of our social media writers so if you are a volunteer, she may reach out to you for your story to include you in all the fun whether it be on Facebook, Twitter or on our blog.