We have a variety of volunteer service placements that are carefully selected by our Board of Directors. Our Board of Directors work closely with the local community to determine where and how volunteers are needed so the time and talents of the volunteers can be assigned and utilized responsibly.

We accept individuals, groups of friends, schools/colleges/universities under internship, work based learning or field trips, faculty/staff seeking professional development, corporate, and church groups/missions.

Placements are available in the Nairobi area (including Kibera), Maasailand area (with the Maasai people), Nakuru, and Mombassa.

Volunteer in Education: (Community and Government Schools) Volunteers can teach general education, specialize in music, sports, or special education, or assist administrators with the overall functioning of the school.

Volunteer in Women’s Empowerment: Volunteers can participate in the outreach and education of women regarding HIV and AIDS, other women’s health and family matters, skill building/economic skills that assist them to reach self sufficiency.

Volunteer in Rescue Centers: This placement is carefully selected and great care must be taken by the volunteer to consider the emotional impact that abuse, neglect or abandonment has upon the clients they serve. Volunteers can assist with skill building (vocational or preparing to enter school with basic subjects) or daily care for the younger clients aged 0-6 years old. This is not available for all volunteers/students/service workers. NVS staff will screen interested individuals and determine best fit.


 Are you a company or organization bringing your employees to Kenya to do a little team building while serving others? Let us know if you would like to build a classroom, a chicken coop, or other ideas that you may have to serve the community together.


Costs: This is to cover your accommodation and three meals a day

You are responsible for your flights, visa entry to the country if required, vaccinations, any activities on your own in Kenya, water, snacks outside of meal time, travel insurance, souvenirs. Our volunteers typically find 25-30 USD to be sufficient for the week, often much less if one does not do extra travel activities around town or weekend excursions.

1 Week : $290

2 Weeks: $390

3 Weeks: $490

4 Weeks: $590

5 Weeks: $690

6 Weeks: $790

You can volunteer up to 12 weeks, and each additional week adds $100 USD to the fee.

If you choose the Mombassa location (the coast), please note that the additional travel expenses to the location are not included in the costs noted above. The Mombassa location attracts an additional $100 fee on top of costs noted.

Registration Fee: $195 USD: Includes your airport pick up, overnight before the orientation and start of volunteering, orientation day venue/meal, initial transport to your volunteer location to begin your journey and staff support throughout your duration.

To sign up, click here! On the next page, enter your contact information and scroll down to select your number of weeks and volunteer work, then submit! From there, the team will contact you to give you additional information and schedule your time in Kenya!